ILearn is a specialized procurement training and certification division that is aimed at re-educating the procurement officials about the latest trends and best practices to bring projects in on time and within budget.

Procurement Certification

IDE procurement certification courses are accredited by the ________________________ assuring compliance with high international qualification standards as well as offering participants access to a world-wide community of procurement professionals.

IDE procurement certification course content at Introductory (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3), and Diploma (Level 4) levels are tailored to reflect standard procurement rules, policies and procedures – hereby offering a unique qualification system customized to the international procurement requirements.

IDE - ABC Partnership Recognized as World Leader in Training and Professional Development

IDE offers the following procurement training and professionalization courses on a regular basis:

Programme Curriculum

  • • Introductory Certificate in Procurement – ABC Accredited, Level 2
  • • Advanced Certificate in Procurement – ABC Accredited, Level 3
  • • Strategic Diploma in Procurement, ABC Accredited Level 4
  • • Procurement Strategy Development
  • • Contract and Supplier Relations Management
  • • Supply Chain Management in Humanitarian Organizations
  • • Risk Management in Contracting for Construction Services
  • • Effective Negotiations in Projects and Procurement

The courses are offered on a recurring basis across the globe

Learning Method

All programs employ modern adult participatory learning methods. Each training module commences with an overview of the rules, policies, best practices and/or theory of the subject in question, and is then followed by case studies, group discussion and exercises.
This creates a forum for participants to apply theory and methods to cases and to foster productive knowledge sharing.